Help Chiki & friends dash past foes and get back home in this tricky, pocket-sized runner.

Original soundtrack now available on Bandcamp!

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dvdfu - Design, Code, Pixel Art
s9menine - Sound Design
yoyoleif - Illustration, NPC Colour
mellodillo - Illustration, NPC Design
Sean "CosmicGem" Bialo - Music
Anabel Morales - Spanish Translation
KyleHeren - Korean Translation
Erin London - Portuguese Translation

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Help, my screen is blocked out with dots!
You're wearing a blindfold!

Does this game require an internet connection?
You can play without internet, but certain features will be unavailable:
- Sending and viewing scores on the leaderboard
- Sending and viewing achievement statuses
- Accessing cloud data to sync game progress between devices
- Processing a full game purchase with the app store

Can my device play Chiki's Chase?
Chiki's Chase can be downloaded on iOS (App Store) and Android (Google Play Store). Ensure your device has at least 2GB of RAM. Graphics may be decreased if your device is from 2016 or earlier.

What are the restrictions in the free version?
You cannot earn gems. In the full game, after completing each run, you will be rewarded 1 gem for every 10m traveled.

What can gems do?
Gems can be spent to permanently obtain upgrade slots and hats. Upgrade slots affect gameplay by increasing the total number of upgrades a character can equip. Hats only affect visuals.

Is the full game purchase permanent?
Yes! It's tied to your App Store account if purchased on iOS, or your Google Play Store account if purchased on Android.

How do I refund my purchase?
Apple App Store Refunds
Google Play Store Refunds

For further issues or questions, contact me directly:
madeby.dvdfu (at)

Welcome to the changelog, nerd!

VERSION 2.0 (BETA) (last updated Nov 20)Game-Wide
- regions each have new music!
- regions now each contain several unique obstacles
- regions no longer change randomly
- added the Sky, Sky Distance stat, and its own leaderboard and music!
- added the 5th shopkeeper, Morgan!
- added 3 new items: Poison Apple, Leech Bite and Rainbow Herbs
- added (+) variants for every upgrade that can be unlocked
- added 2 new achievements: Caduceus Badge, Flight Badge
- added optional video ad watching for gem collection
- Teapot Distance stat is tracked, and has its own leaderboard
- Blindfold Distance stat is tracked, and has its own leaderboard
- certain achievements/unlocks will be rewarded immediately on a Home Run, rather than after the game is over
- shorter tap inputs allow the player to jump shorter than before
- Blindfold hat now uses a spotlight-styled blinding effect
- bonus speed due to star combos is slightly tweaked so that speed gain is not present in lower combos and more present in very high combos
- star power slightly extends vision radius when blinded
- slightly tweaked jump heights off bouncy objects
- slightly tweaked some coin layout patterns
- Loot Box price increased 80 -> 100
- skull bomb circular blast size radius increased 44 -> 56
- green explosive blocks and spike blocks no longer drop 1 coin when destroyed
- taking damage when stunned by a banana will immediately end the stun
- speed bonus added by star combo is reduced after taking damage
- increased HP for the door to get inside home 1 -> 3
Balance: Enemies
- Big Buzzy jumps higher, moves faster and receives less knockback
- Big Buzzy hitbox slightly tweaked
- Big Buzzy coin value increased 3 -> 4
- Dartfly will properly attack and pass through certain destructible objects
- Dartfly wind-up speed is now constant (Antique Hourglass still affects its attack movement speed)
- Dartfly will very slightly move up or down to follow the player. This is mostly for aesthetic purposes
- Guardians may be pushed vertically by external forces, e.g. wind
- Hauntorb projectile duration decreased, but the area of effect is roughly the same
Balance: Upgrades
- Rocket Jump blast radius decreased 44 -> 40
- Binoculars slightly extends vision radius when blinded
- Hasty Hourglass slow effect is not as strong in later levels
- Traveller Map stars are rewarded with a slight delay, like enemies and other objects
- Yellow Balloon continues to drain while attacking mid-air and floating upward
- Yellow Balloon max duration increased 3 -> 4.5s
- Yellow Balloon re-appears when entering recovery bubble, if it was fully expended
- Treasure Tracker no longer increases Golden Cherry spawn chance
- Treasure Tracker no longer interferes with Shroom Charm coin mushroom chance
- Treasure Tracker no longer interferes with Piggy Bank ruby chance
- Shield Repair base price increased 50 -> 60
Balance: Chiki
- attack reload delay increased 0.4 -> 0.45s
- auto-fire attack duration (and hover duration) increased if Solar or Lunar Ring are equipped
Balance: Ronnie
- attack reload delay increased 0.37 -> 0.42s
- attacking while jumping will cause the claw attack to move in sync with the player
- attack distance is impacted more by Binoculars
Balance: Pickle
- bubble attack duration decreased 1.7 -> 1.5s
- attack reload delay increased 0.29 -> 0.4s
- auto-fire attack duration (and hover duration) increased if Solar or Lunar Ring are equipped
- collision change: bubbles bounce off walls and floors slightly instead of popping. This is mostly a cosmetic effect, but prevents bubbles popping against the floor when attacking on the ground. This doesn't apply to anything that takes damage, e.g. dirt blocks
- accuracy change: first attack (at full energy) will always fly perfectly forward, but at lower energy the accuracy decreases
- attack spread increases from 0 -> 10 degrees over attacks 1-5
- this is meant to make Chiki comparatively better for long-range accuracy, while still making Pickle's attacks still work reliably if used with intention
- bubbles had a 5-degree spread but now use the new firing mechanic
- ice shards had a 3-degree spread but now use the new firing mechanic
- ice shard duration decreased 0.4 -> 0.3s but the overall distance is roughly the same
Balance: Skips
- the wave attack created with the Solar Ring no longer collects coins and other objects
- effects that improve the attack distance of Skips' dash now change the dash duration, not its speed, to increase distance
- attack reload delay increased 0.33 -> 0.4s
- attack reload duration decreased 0.3 -> 0.25s
- horizontal dashes used to have a slight drop (bug) that is now fixed
- rising dash angle reduced 10 -> 9 degrees
- ledge correction distance reduced 12 -> 10 pixels
Gacha Capsules
- Hot Pink Bunny Charm roll rate has decreased from 1% -> 0.1%
- Sour Yellow Bunny Charm now appears with the remaining 0.9%. It does nothing, not even provide an achievement
- Star Cider item is renamed Star Juice and given a new appearance. Nothing has changed about its effect, or to Star Cider outside of the Gacha Capsules
- Momo's text appears larger for lucky pulls
Visual Tweaks
- sprites with thick black outlines now have a splash of colour
- sprites that rotate will animate with a lower, intentional framerate
- sprites that render dynamically will animate with a lower, intentional framerate
- safe explosives (due to confetti) have a new appearance
- new visual effect when player gains health
- Golden Apple icon
- bananas
- star particle effects
- portal visual effects
- background environments
- screen effects on death and area change
- shopkeeper poses
- wooden platform pillars in snowy areas
- menu backgrounds
- redesign the results screen (game over)
- the top-left part of the HUD has been shrunk to 5/6th of its former size
- adjust UI layouts to hug the edges of the screen more closely
- when Star Power is active, the black bar will turn dark blue
- Game Center / Google Play profile button moved to title screen
- connection warning now appears as a pop-up in the title screen
- additional icons appear to commemorate certain run conditions in the homerun and game over screens
- game now appears unblurred during the countdown for unpausing
- unpurchaseable items are greyed out
- Momo now appears disappointed when receiving gem prizes, only for paid players
- when upgrades are unlocked, the news notification (red dot) will be applied to each upgrade individually
- removed Twitter link
- added website link
- added app store page link
- headgear choices in the hat menu are thinner so more can fit on screen
- game HUD now slightly shakes when the camera shakes, if enabled
- credits layout spacing updated
- more of the game's menus are navigable with the gamepad shoulder buttons (note: full support is not available yet)
- performance improvements
- attempts were made to fix save data errors
- fix particle visual error when player jumps on things
- fix some object preloading for less game stuttering
- fix jumping on Turnhop enemies sometimes resulting in getting hurt
- fix Turnhop enemies jumping on mushrooms sometimes unpredictably
- fix Dartfly sometimes not colliding properly
- fix joystick navigation problems in the shop
- fix minor string grammar
- fix news indicator appearing on gem counter sometimes
- fix gem counter sometimes briefly displaying negatives
- fix some particle effects persisting when returning to the game menus
- fix haptics triggering for events that take place off-camera
- fix some stuttering with balloon movement
- fix some game screenshots occurring when the camera is blurry
- fix some explosions wrongly counting as progress towards unlocking Toy Rocket

VERSION 1.7.XSystem
- added support for aspect ratios as thin as 4:3 (tablets)
- added game language selection in settings
- added 1 new headgear
- Android devices with OpenGLES versions below 3 are no longer supported
- Android devices with Android version below 6 are no longer supported
- memorial for Ronnie
- Skips dash angle lowered 11 -> 10
- Skips dash attack reload delay increased 0.26 -> 0.33s
- Skips dash attack reload duration decreased 0.32 -> 0.3s
- Pickle's Solar Ring damage reduced to 2
- Phoenix Candle kills will no longer chain
- Phoenix Candle projectile travels slightly farther
- Toy Rocket hitbox size adjust to avoid unwanted wall collisions
- Trusty Pickaxe causes some dirt blocks to contain lesser amounts of coins (4) in addition to the regular amount (8). Overall, average payout is slightly higher
- Turnhop health reduced 3 -> 2
- Turnhop hitbox readjusted to correct jump collisions
- Turnhop won't be knocked back when attacked
- Buzzy enemies simply roll off edges now
- star power activation sets player speed to its max, instead of briefly ramping up
- coins no longer randomly become rubies (1% -> 0% chance)
- Treasure Tracker ruby appearance rates increased (4% -> 5% chance)
- reduce chances for double enemies to appear in lower difficulties
- camera tracks player better when they halt or slow down
- star power maximum drain rate cap increased 200% -> 240%
- enemies only drop rewards when falling off screen if previously injured
Gacha Changes
- Travel Stamp drop rate lowered 20 -> 15%
- Travel Journal is a new item that grants 300m distance (5% drop rate)
- Milk Chocobar drop rate lowered 10 -> 7%
- Pink Salts is a new item that grants 5 gems (2% drop rate)
- Rose Quartz is a new item that grants 30 gems (1% drop rate)
- Pickle's bubble and ice shard projectile animations slightly tweaked
- Phoenix Candle appear more bird-like
- star combo number count now uses a crisp outline
- reduce some compression artifacts for shopkeeper artwork
- additional screen effects when activating Star Power or Blast Boots
- subtly tweak glow when in star power
- a feather appears when using a jump granted by Nimble Feather
- "spinning ball" player animations corrected to clockwise
- tweak sun movement so sunset/sunrise are slightly longer
- fireflies appear in the forest at night
- many texts now have added colour and icons for clarity
- Midas Wand screen has a new layout and displays upgrade descriptions
- Midas Wand screen can display some unclear side-effects for selling upgrades
- Midas Wand, Gacha Capsule, and Loot Box screens have tweaked layouts, visuals, and animation timings
- simplify some visuals in the gem collection screen
- dialogue text animates more smoothly
- the developer's letter has been moved from the title screen to the purchase screen
- new best distance is displayed in yellow text, instead of with a "!"
- removed inline icons on text buttons
- gacha confetti amount roughly scales with the prize value
- announcements screens are now in blue instead of yellow
- price tag icon colour remains the same, regardless if the item can't be afforded
- equipped upgrade will hover slightly in the character select screen
- tweaked the retry button on the pause menu
- info boxes bump slightly when contents change
- selecting and receiving upgrades plays a unique sound for each upgrade!
- special SFX will play when hitting high star combo milestones
- new shop enter SFX
- new Nimble Feather usage SFX
- SFX changes when scrolling through items in a carousel
- SFX changes for advancing shopkeeper dialogue
- SFX changes shopkeeper dialogue advancement
- SFX changes treasure chest open
- fix the starting frames of a jump affecting Skips' dash path
- fix some objects not playing audio in their first appearances
- fix some objects repeatedly playing audio while the game is paused
- fix player being able to input additional jumps within a small window of time
- fix some unintended possible inputs when using a game controller
- fix minor stuttering when loading certain visuals for the first time
- fix dragging on some UI elements being a bit too sensitive
- fix issue where skimming a ground's surface wouldn't reset jumps
- fix issue where bouncing off objects wouldn't allow full jump height
- fix some objects floating when spawned
- fix log size and some objects unintentionally appearing over it
- fix time not passing correctly after completing tutorial
- fix lift pads slowing down player very slightly when using
- fix some animations looping incorrectly
- fix Guardian lasers sometimes colliding with objects it shouldn't
- fix upward projectiles sometimes colliding into platforms
- fix explosions particles not playing as intended
- fix some animations playing while game is paused
- fix game pausable with Android back button when not intended
- fix Skips briefly gaining unintended invincibility properties
- fix player able to interact with portals when in recovery bubble

VERSION 1.6.XSystem
- removed Unity splash screen
- improved text clarity
- increased some texture compression to reduce file sizes
Balance (Player)
- the game opens with the character sleeping, and starts on first input
- slightly adjust player jump trajectories
- Pickle attack duration increased 0.12 -> 0.13s
- Pickle projectile speed increased 690 -> 710
- Pickle projectile duration increased 1.6 -> 1.7s
- Skips attack recharge delay lowered 0.35 -> 0.26s
- Skips attack recharge interval increased 0.26 -> 0.32s
Balance (Upgrades)
- Antique Hourglass slows enemy to a constant 50% (previously, subtracts 40%)
- Mighty Shears can de-spike spiky mushrooms
- Phoenix Candle flame size decreased 64x42 -> 60x36
- Shroom Charm reduces spiky mushroom chance, instead of removing it completely
- Toy Rocket launches straight down, once again
- Toy Rocket explosion radius reduced 48 -> 44, once again
- Toy Rocket mid-air jump height increased by 15%
- Toy Rocket projectiles cause regular explosives to release friendly explosions
Balance (Enemies)
- enemy speed scaling is now capped at 200% (occurs at Level 21)
- Buzzy health increased 1 -> 2
- Buzzy coin drop increased 1 -> 2
- Rosey thorns hitbox width increased 8 -> 16
- Turnhop health increased 2 -> 3
- Turnhops will be knocked back when hit
Balance (Levels)
- some new late-game level layout variations
- Level 4 may include a slice of watermelon, rather than a full watermelon, which only provides 1 quarter health
- floor spike hitbox height increased 12 -> 18
- toggle spike hitbox width increased 32 -> 48
- laser thickness increased 4 -> 6
- laser ring radius increased 16 -> 18
- portal height decreased 36 -> 32
- yellow toggle platforms and spike walls can now be off-sync with each other
- treasure layouts are a little more diverse
- avoid generating 3 stacked spike blocks, which could cause movement errors
- shops have more decoration
- shopkeepers react to attacks
- portal graphics tweaked
- some enemies turn to face towards the player
- characters jump in the character select when selected
- badges and headgear selection now appear on 1 row
- minor tweaks for visual effects featured in some swift objects
- minor player animation timing tweaks for jumping and attacking
- minor environmental decoration tweaked
- fix title screen gyro motion
- fix some buttons being incorrectly able to be pressed
- fix Android escape button not working in some contexts
- fix camera screen letterbox bars sometimes not being black
- fix bug where jumping could launch enemies up at high speeds
- fix bug where some objects could repeatedly trigger hit sounds
- fix off-screen interactions triggering camera shakes
- fix jumping up into blocks not behaving consistently
- fix Phoenix Candle flames not being lit properly
- fix Skips' Solar Ring dash attack projectile not interacting with teleporters
- fix some sounds not playing correctly at the start of the game
- fix some projectiles having strange collision interactions
- fix bug where some per-level effects persisted when skipping shops
- fix bug where pumpkin stack visual stacking would be out of order
- fix bug where announcement overlays could be clicked through
- fix Rosey visual bug on some devices while screen recording

VERSION 1.5.XSystem
- new upgrade: Lunar Ring
- new achievement: Galaxy Badge
- new achievement: Union Badge
- biomes are now persistent: runs begin in the last biome visited
- run conditions (appearing during a home run) will be listed in the results screen
- new run conditions added (blindfolded, pacifism)
Star Combos
- Star Combo tracks stars collected consecutively without taking damage
- player speed increases based on the highest Star Combo reached
- player speed no longer increases based on level reached
- Star Combo is displayed above the player
- Star Combo replaces Star Time in results, stats
- Star Combo leaderboard for Game Center and Google Play
- Pickle's Solar Ring upgrade changed: bigger, stronger bubble (icicles are part of the Lunar Ring upgrade, instead)
- Pickle's Lunar Ring icicles spread angle increased 2 -> 3 degrees
- Skips' Solar Ring attack height decreased 62 -> 48
- Loot Box price increased 60 -> 80
- Midas Wand appears in shop slightly more often
- shopkeeper appearance balance slightly tweaked
- decrease activation requirement to unlock Bubble Blower 20 -> 15
- revised game title logo
- brief screen freeze when player takes damage
- blindfold screen effect and shopkeeper appearance altered
- signposts appear damaged when hit
- unlock screen effect tweaked
- new SFX for recharging attacks
- new SFX for skull bomb explosions
- Jester Hat has jingles when player jumps
- updated SFX for Midas Wand use
- fix bug where landing would sometimes not reset jumps correctly
- fix bug where Skips would recover jumps on any type of enemy kill
- fix bug causing obstacles to sometimes appear too early in a level
- fix some hat previews not animating correctly sometimes
- fix stats page recent runs not loading sometimes
- fix stats page text formatting incorrectly sometimes
- fix Phoenix Candle fire trail not resetting when teleporting
- fix Momo dialogue used at incorrect time
- fix data resets not correctly resetting all relevant data
- added back tapping on pause screen hint to change hint
- enemies distinguish between being jumped on by player vs. other enemies for achievement, run condition etc. purposes

VERSION 1.4.XSystem
- added Portuguese language translations!
- added option to swap jump & attack inputs
- Ronnie/Pickle/Skips are unlocked by reaching levels 4/6/8
- "Solar Ring" is the new upgrade name given to Ring of Insight
- Solar Ring unlock condition: reach home and go to sleep
- Momo's Lootbox is reworked. When purchased, roll 1 random upgrade and choose whether or not to keep it
- Momo's Lootbox price decreased 100 -> 60
- Chiki's bullet radius decreased 9 -> 8
- Pickle's bubble radius decreased 8 -> 6
- Skull Bomb explosions have an updated shape and size
- explosion duration increased 50 -> 75ms
- spike wall width increased 12 -> 20
- Thunder Grump projectile speed increased, but duration decreased
- Thunder Grump default attack charge duration increased 320 -> 360ms
- minor adjustments to level start/end layouts
- minor adjustments to some obstacle spacing
- slightly reduce frequency of star crystals and bananas
- tweaked teapot SFX
- tweaked counter animations SFX
- new footstep SFX
- new home run music
- extended character select music
- updated mixing for all music
- Thunder Grumps are a bit more noticeable when charging attacks
- Guardians are a bit more noticeable when charging attacks
- teapot/watermelon appear on a teeny table
- teapot will become more golden when carrying more coins
- blocks bump a tiny bit when jumped up into
- Pickle's ice shards slightly tweaked
- some upgrade icons slightly tweaked
- Midas Wand use animation tweaked
- settings page is now full-screen
- HUD will display in the pause menu
- credits screen revamped
- shop item appearance revamped
- tutorial opening sequence revamped
- home run sequence revamped
- rearranged upgrade slot UI on character select screen
- pause, gacha, and home run screens tweaked to accommodate translations
- pause screen hints no longer refresh on tap
- home run screen features character played as
- fix bananas not being teleported
- fix bug causing some jumps on Turnhops and Roseys to result in taking damage
- fix bug causing Turnhops to jump higher than intended
- fix bug causing Buzzy enemies to not jump against walls
- fix bug causing movement while in the fall recovery bubble
- fix cloud save data merging sometimes prioritizing older data
- fix full screen announcement closing animation not working correctly
- fix crash on some older Android devices
- fix bug causing upgrades to appear in inconsistent orders in the menu
- fix visual bug sometimes occurring when dismissing announcements
- improve collisions for portals
- improve memory use
- fixed some Korean text alignment

VERSION 1.3.1Balance
- Bubble Barrier is no longer triggered when tripping over bananas
- star power drain rate begins increasing later, after 10 -> 12 seconds
- stats page is redesigned
- badges have modified shimmer + selection animations
- badges page uses a profile picture button to view game services achievements
- modals now dismiss upward
- fix bug causing Momo's gacha capsules to be very rare to come across
- fix jumping on Turnhops sometimes hurting player
- fix Hauntorb projectile collisions stopping player movement
- fix vertical collisions with block stacks
- fix upward block jumps traveling through the block instead of stopping
- fix stuttering caused by many haptic events triggering at once
- fix some words cutoff in the results screen
- fix missing Spanish translations
- fix UI bug with upgrade slot dot animation
- fix UI bug causing some shopkeeper dialogue to animate incorrectly
- fix rare bug causing level completions to skip

VERSION 1.3General
- game translations are now available for Spanish and Korean! Translations are automatically applied on load based on the device's system language
- new logic for selecting shopkeeper & shop items, to improve variety
- new logic for enemy hitbox / jump collisions, to improve fairness
- star power duration increased 10 -> 12s
- Chiki and Pickle's projectiles are shorter and less likely to cancel out from collisions
- Ronnie's claw attack is taller
- Skips' dash attack is more lenient when snapping around corners
- consecutive mushrooms can no longer both be spiky
- spinning laser hazards appear slightly later than before
- teapots dropped before serving any tea now drop 1 coin
- spike blocks drop 1 coin when destroyed
- explosive treasure chests drop fewer coins, 30 -> 10
- Droplit drops fewer coins, 3 -> 2
- Big Buzzy drops fewer coins, 4 -> 3
- Guardian drops fewer coins, 4 -> 3
- Hauntorb drops fewer coins, 4 -> 3
- Ruby appearance rate decreased 1.5 -> 1%
- Ruby appearance rate with Treasure Tracker increased 3 -> 4%
- Midas Wand conversion reward decreased back 120 -> 100
- bananas are knocked back farther when hit
Upgrade Balance
- Bubble Blower size is reduced to the player size (same as in star power) to prevent it from destroying blocks underneath the player
- Bubble Blower speed bonus increased 45 -> 60
- Bubble Blower duration increased 3 -> 4.5s
- Phoenix Candle projectile size increased
- Star Dust time per coin increased 8.3 -> 10ms
- Toy Rocket now travels slightly forward
- Toy Rocket collision size increased
- Toy Rocket explosions won't trigger Hauntorb projectiles
- extended shopkeeper music
- banana peel hit and slip SFX
- gem earning and spending SFX
- Midas Wand use SFX
- shield use and repair SFX
- ambient sound in the tutorial opening
- increase game saturation a little bit
- Phoenix Candle fire looks cooler
- Blast Boots have a custom effect when activated
- Spike Blocks are more noticeably different when damaged
- star pickup movement is smoother
- improve look of large coin splashes from golden objects
- coin splashes no longer contain rubies (total coin value is unaffected)
- teapot is visually thrown when shattered
- game HUD meters are now rectangular
- item layout in shops is now different
- revamped credits screen
- text-less boot screen
- revamped tutorial text for "OUT OF X"
- decrease header text size for upgrade/item info
- fix Coffee Badge not unlocking correctly
- fix banana stuns lasting forever in some rare scenarios
- fix crash on game load
- fix player jumps sometimes yeeting enemies
- fix player bounces sometimes not triggering object bounce reaction
- fix Buzzy and Big Buzzy enemies sometimes not jumping off edges correctly
- fix balloon air time not being calculated correctly
- to prevent unintended errors, the back button no longer exits the app on Android
- improve frame rate consistency and some stuttering

VERSION 1.2Balance
- shop price ramp-up increased very slightly
- treasure chest coin drop increased 20 -> 30
- Treasure Tracker positively affects more coin-related RNG
- Trusty Pickaxe coin drop decreased 10 -> 8
- Yellow Balloon max duration decreased 4 -> 3s
- Midas Wand conversion reward increased 100 -> 120
- lamp lights contain 1 star instead of 1 coin
- Pickle's bubbles no longer aim downward, to avoid hitting floor blocks
- sleeping resets speed gained through caffeination
- watermelon
Unlock Conditions
- Trusty Pickaxe requires more blocks to unlock: 30 -> 40
- Bubble Blower requires more activations to unlock: 15 -> 20
- Pocket Cloud requires more clouds to unlock: 5 -> 8
- Ring of Insight requires a home run to unlock
- title screen lighting reflects time of day
- Blindfold no longer fully blinds you
- Turnhops have a new pose when hit
- Hauntorbs have a new pose when hit
- background lighting tweaked slightly
- game over snapshots support screen aspect ratios up to 20:9
- achievement completion progress is shown in your stats
- Android app icon slightly shrunk to fit the crop better
- background colours tweaked slightly
- fix some level layouts having wrong block and wind positions
- fix player not starting with a cloud if Pocket Cloud is equipped pre-game
- fix landing sometimes not refunding jumps properly
- fix Momo offering loot box when upgrade slots are all full
- fix Jack's missing dialogue for pumpkin purchases
- fix pumpkin stack not sorting in the intended order
- fix pumpkin stack rewarding achievement slightly early
- fix player sometimes able to attack while stunned or KO'd
- fix incorrect purchase state for some beta testers
- fix Dart Fly trails still visible after being defeated
- fix some outdated / ambiguous text
- fix hat and starting upgrade choices affecting tutorial

VERSION 1.1Fixes
- fix blurry game overs and save data failing for new players
- fix game not saving immediately upon receiving free 600 gems

VERSION 1.0General
- upgrade slot cost decreased to 200 / 300 / 400 / 500 / 600 gems
- Double-A batteries don't reduce attack size when converted to gold
- Yellow Balloon float duration extended 3 -> 4s
- Yellow Balloon unlock condition requires 15 -> 12s air time to unlock
- entering a shop (or home) with star power will refill it to max
- star collection time increased 0.2 -> 0.25s
- 4px more horizontal camera room
- minor tweaks to some level layouts
- more objects have thick black outlines
- some particles will collide and bounce on ground (once again)
- desert background no longer has a hazy effect
- golden objects are slightly re-coloured
- the length of a day is a little longer
- here comes the sun!
- confirming an upgrade slot purchase will not close the pop-up screen
- fix Guardian enemies unable to aim correctly when looking at platforms
- fix Buzzy and Big Buzzy enemies colliding with blocks incorrectly

VERSION 220525Balance
- no more than 8 coffees can be purchased
- jump trajectory is tweaked to lift off the ground quicker
- Dart Flies become harmless when they run into walls
- Trusty Pickaxe coin blocks have a slightly updated appearance
- new leaderboard icon artwork
- updated some background art
- force the game to start even if cloud data can't be loaded (displays a warning)
- fix Midas Wand purchase count not recording accurately
- fix Aurum Badge and Coffee Badges not unlocking correctly
- fix Buzzy and Big Buzzy enemies sometimes jumping when spawned
- unlocked badges should more closely reflect Game Services
- fix sky sometimes cutoff in game over snapshots
- fix game over music not stopping when exiting
- fix game over "Play Again" button after tutorial causing the tutorial to restart
- reduce some texture sizes
- fix corner masking in character select for some devices
- avoid blurry snapshots

VERSION 220517System
- new achievements: Aurum Badge, Coffee Badge
- upgrade slot cost increased to 200 / 400 / 600 / 800 / 1000 gems
- free players receive 600 gems once for hearing me out
- high refresh rate (90+ FPS) is now opt-in for compatible devices with a setting that warns about increased battery usage and potential throttling
- Antique Hourglass slowdown effect reduced 70 -> 60%
- Party Popper safe explosives drop 1 coin
- Ronnie's claw attack speed decreased 400 -> 380
- Skips' post-dash invincibility time decreased 100 -> 50ms
- explosive treasure chests no longer appear before level 4
- Gilda's Midas Wand appearance is no longer tied to max upgrade slot count
- Buzzy and Big Buzzy enemies to continuously jump when against a wall
- Buzzy and Big Buzzy enemies have slightly longer air time when jumping
- different environments have unique background artwork!
- snowy areas have a snow blocks instead of dirt blocks
- new rules determine when the environment changes
- star power no longer adds glow to the background
- star power adds a slight glow to the player
- mushroom stems have an outline
- updated visuals for explosions
- updated some icon illustrations
- tutorial tap instruction text is less ambiguous
- credits page has a solid background and subtle text shadow
- badge page is no longer scrollable
- adjust some shopkeeper dialogue
- improve memory use and overall performance
- improve stuttering with explosions
- reduce lag in the upgrade collection page
- hide haptics setting for unsupported devices
- remove outdated EXP-related game tip
- fix gem info logic in the results screen

VERSION 220425System
- new hat: Captain's Tricorn
- gems are only gained based on distance (not coins)
- upgrade slot cost decreased to 100 / 300 / 500 / 700 / 900 gems
- Backpack Badge requires 20 upgrade unlocks, not 100%
- Hatted Badge requires 20 hat unlocks, not 100%
- item pricing is tweaked to be more consistent in Level 1
- fall detection occurs slightly lower than before
- jump "coyote time" increased 100 -> 130ms
- "fuzzy landing" jump detection is improved
- Ronnie's claw attack size better reflects its visuals
- added a second entrance to your home
- lower the height of the laser obstacles in the tutorial
- changed upgrade choices in the tutorial
- explosions and screen blasts are instantaneous (previously lasted 50ms)
- explosion radius increased 40 -> 44
- remove player wind trail for now
- scenery changes are no longer affected by Travel Stamps
- upgrade slot is disabled for locked characters
- hat and upgrade swapping is disabled for locked characters
- tapping the gem counter provides some information regarding gems
- simplified game purchase page
- Google Play Games and Game Center logos now use custom icons
- remove Green Tea from appearing in stats
- fix running along some surfaces intended to cause bouncing
- fix collision problems with getting stuck underneath corners
- fix tutorial not being reset correctly when retrying in the pause menu
- added graphics fallback for Android devices with OpenGL ES versions below 3.2
- reduce some stuttering when loading certain particle effects for the first time
- leaderboard scores of 0 are no longer submitted

VERSION 220414.1System
- gems have replaced EXP and coins as the premium currency
- earn 1 gem per coin collected or 10m travelled
- upgrade slots for characters costs 500 / 1000 / 1500 / 2000 / 2500 gems
- old coins carry over as gems, old character ranks retain upgrade slots
- gems have a 99,999 capacity limit
- characters unlock at lower distances: 500 / 1500 / 2500m
- in favour of maintaining graphics compatability, support for Android versions below 5.1 has been dropped (devices from 2014 or later are probably fine)
Item Changes
- Coffee is redesigned to give +1 quarter health, and a permanent speed increase
- Coffee base price is now 30 coins (75% the cost of an Apple)
- Green Tea is no longer sold
- Midas Wand lets you select which upgrade you want turned into coins
Upgrade Changes
- Lifesaver upgrade replaces Gust Charm - it gives +1 health and instantly activates star power, but does not give the speed boost like it used to
- Lifesaver unlock condition: have 7 health
- Binoculars range bonus increased 28 -> 33%
- Reusable Bag item discount applies to all items
- Reusable Bag item discount decreased 18 -> 10%
General Changes
- Chiki's triple attack spread angle decreased 12 -> 10
- Pickle's ice shard attack upgrade replaces bubbles completely, instead of transforming into ice shards after releasing attack
- Skips' dash attack thickness decreased 14 -> 12, but has improved detection (particularly when teleporting or moving unexpectedly)
- Skips' upgraded dash attack blast has modified timing and now angles upward when the dash attack is angled upward
- Skips' upgraded dash attack blast can pick up coins
- Hauntorbs defeated by Blast Boots or Phoenix Candle don't explode
- Jellybeans are even easier to jump on
- lamp post width increased 3 -> 4
- more level layout gap sizes scale with difficulty
- evil bomb flickering intensity reduced
- Skips' dash attack leaves a very subtle after-image
- star crystals and level signs leave behind little bits after being destroyed
- level signs will twirl when you walk past them
- red warning circles appear for orbiting laser rings
- wind trails appear even without the Gust Charm, if you are moving quickly
- using the Midas Wand has a new short animation
- new title screen music!
- new character select music!
- new game over fanfare!
- new SFX for Skips' dash attack (regular + upgraded)
- new gacha purchase SFX
- updated SFX for Ronnie's upgraded attack
- revisions to game theme music
- fix laser SFX sometimes de-syncing with game music
- new Made With Unity splash image
- new achievement artwork
- achievements are displayed in-game as badges
- vignettes in the HUD (e.g. red flash when hurt) are smoother
- completing Level 10 is now referred to as a Home Run, not a Game Clear
- Home Run screen will indicate if the run was performed without visiting shops
- illustrations for upgrade & hat explanation pop-ups
- new tutorial indicator for jumping or attacking when out of jumps or attacks
- rank text is replaced with upgrade slot count
- display selected character in the game over results screen
- free item buttons display "OK" instead of "Buy"
- fix some portals being ignored due to over cautiousness
- fix some surfaces not bouncing player correctly
- fix Dart Flies colliding into wooden platforms mid-attack
- fix Dart Flies hurting Skips during a dash attack
- fix shield staying but not working if the Wooden Shield is sold
- fix shop music muffled if entering shop during invulnerability
- fix ceiling spikes to only cause harm when player is traveling upward
- fix an exploit that caused Piggy Bank coins to be farmed infinitely
- fix shopkeeper sprites shifting a little between poses
- fix shopkeeper appearing when blinded
- Droplit enemies won't continue chasing you after a game over
- enable adaptive colour format to (hopefully) improve GPU compatability
- reduce some stuttering that occurs when certain assets are first loaded

VERSION 220327Player Changes
- Chiki's attack radius increased 6 -> 9
- Pickle's bubble attack radius increased 6 -> 8
- Skips' dash attack thickness increased 12 -> 14
- Skips' dash attack duration increased 0.22 -> 0.26s. Repeated dashes are slower, but safer due to extended invincibility time
- player projectiles come out 2px higher to avoid unwanted ground collisions
Enemy Changes
- Turnhops that fall off-screen count as defeated, producing coins and a star
- Guardian warning duration is shorter, 0.75 -> 0.65s
- Dart Fly detection distance decreased, 276 -> 260
- Dart Fly windup duration is shorter, 1.1 -> 1.0s
- Dart Fly windup speed is faster, 115 -> 125
- Dart Fly windup duration is affected by difficulty and Antique Hourglass
- Hauntorb and Thunder Grump projectiles now collide with terrain and teleport
- Thunder Grump projectile speed increased 300 -> 350
General Balance
- mushroom bounce hitbox is wider and lower (easier to jump on)
- star crystal HP reduced 3 -> 2
- Piggy Bank only has a chance to drop rubies on mid-air jumps
- Piggy Bank will also produce a coin when bouncing off objects and enemies
- spinning lasers will appear a bit later than usual
- toggle platforms will appear a bit earlier than usual
- slightly tweak shopkeeper appearance rules
- star power minimum gauge fill decreased 25 -> 20%
- lamp posts no longer have dangling lights
- lamp posts now have 2 fixed lights
- evil bombs...
- spinning lasers have warning zones around affected areas, which makes them more visible as you approach, so it's easier to react earlier
- portals have fringed edges
- Buzzy and Big Buzzy eyes point towards their movement direction
- hitting a snowy tree shakes off snow, not leaves
- reduce star crystal brightness intensity
- trap treasure chests depict an exclamation mark
- each character can select their own upgrade / hat
- unseen upgrade unlocks display a tiny red notice on the character select
- title background art extended to support 20:9 screens
- pause button is easier to tap
- extended credits page
- new shopkeeper dialogue
- some shopkeeper dialogue only advances by tapping, indicated by a blue dot
- title screen zoom animation
- pause screen resuming includes a countdown timer
- fix Dart Fly being pushable when stuck to a wall
- fix Droplit enemies being unable to teleport
- fix enemy slowing calculations for some enemies
- fix Midas Wand not displaying coin refund price
- fix Piggy Bank unlocking much easier than intended
- add missing haptics to selectable UI elements
- fix character rank progress bar not animating correctly in some cases
- prevent game over snapshots from photographing you while you're invisible
- fix star power filling below 20% bring it up to 20% but not past it
- fix dash attack not instantly picking up coins & objects
- sprites that flash white when hit will correctly flash all parts of the sprite
- reduce app size
- playing the tutorial will not reset your stash upgrade pick

VERSION 220317General
- new Turnhop enemy to replace Big Buzzy! They work exactly like Big Buzzy enemies, but are safe to jump on, and are cuter
- Big Buzzy enemies now travel on the ground like Buzzy enemies
- new achievement: Stacked
- the teapot drops coins when broken based on how many times it's been served
- the Nurse's Cap hat now features a pink heart instead of a red cross
- free players no longer encounter waiting screens
- achievements are tied to game save file
- achievements are announced in-game as well as Game Center + Google Play
- Android's back button can navigate screens and minimize the app
Character Renaming
- Bunny -> Skips
- Chip -> Jack
- Sting Wing -> Dart Fly
- Bubble Ghoul -> Hauntorb
Upgrade Changes
- Hasty Hourglass is renamed Antique Hourglass and no longer offers speed boost. The slow effect on enemies is increased 50 -> 70%
- new upgrade Gust Charm instantly adds +1 health and boosts speed
- Mighty Mushroom is now Shroom Charm. Mushrooms will never be spiky, and contain either a star or some coins, dropping them when stepped on
- new upgrade Blast Boots applies the screen blast effect when bouncing off ANYTHING (enemies, mushrooms, blocks)
- Traveler's Boots has a new name and icon as Traveler's Map
- Treasure Tracker no longer increases ruby spawn rate
- Treasure Tracker used with Shroom Charm causes most mushrooms to have coins
- Reusable Bag only discounts health items (Apple, Pumpkin)
- Reusable Bag price discount increased 10 -> 18%
- Bubble Blower will trigger barrier when tripped by a banana
Player Changes
- while star power is active, collecting a star fills the gauge to at least 25%
- increase player jump speed 210 -> 220
- decrease player jump boost 0.19 -> 0.18s (long press jump is slightly shorter)
- increase player base speed 145 -> 150
- increased player max speed 350 -> 360
- decrease speed effects of Coffee, Green Tea, Hasty Hourglass 30 -> 25
- toggle spike walls are now solid when active
- increase game gravity force 800 -> 860
- decrease Droplit appearances in Level 1 and the tutorial
- increase Buzzy jump height 32 -> 40
- increase Dart Fly attack speed 900 -> 960
- increase Rosey movement speed 2.86 -> 2.5s
- Green Tea no longer causes enemies to slow down
- Hauntorb projectiles will always release (they would previously be suppressed by upgrades such as Phoenix Candle and Toy Rocket)
- wind visuals are drastically simplified
- Skips has a new dash attack effect
- red screen effect on a game over
- Flower Crown hat drops coloured petals, not green grass
- tutorial will indicate that it's safe to jump on Jellybeans, for clarity
- new shop music theme!
- certain objects with persistent noise will have their sound pan as they move across the screen, and fade out with distance
- new click sounds: buttons, sliders, toggles
- new transition sounds: modals, screens, announcements
- new animation sounds: gaining EXP, polaroid, slideshows
- new sounds for consuming drink-related items
- new sounds for bubble and dash attacks
- shop items are now displayed as icons in a horizontal row
- diamond icon is used to denote EXP
- title screen features a shortcut for purchasing the game
- remove purchase promotion from the hat select screen
- condense purchase promotion in game over screen
- purchase information screen is full-screen
- selected menu items have a slightly thicker border
- settings sliders have colour
- ending a game while hurt will no longer cause audio to stay muffled
- tutorial ending will display the correct distance amount
- display announcements correctly in the game over screen for free players
- fixed Potassium achievement not unlocking

VERSION 220310Content
- new hats: Nurse's Cap, Battle Helm, Deerstalker
- new achievement: Porcelain
- a useless teapot
- obstacles appear at slightly later difficulties
- up to 3 pumpkins can be purchased at once if you can afford them
- pumpkins are not sold if you have 4+ health
- pity apples can once again appear after level 10
- pity apple spawn chance reduced 5% when at 2 or 3 health
Enemy Changes
- Rosey enemies will move up and down
- enemy speed (movement, attack rate) increases with difficulty level
- Green Tea also halves enemy speed (does not stack with Hasty Hourglass)
- Guardian enemy attack delay is affected by enemy speed calculations
- Sting Wing enemy attack speed is affected by enemy speed calculations
- title screen has completed artwork
- updated shopkeeper sprites
- when star power is active, the background will have a light-blue glow that also helps communicate how much time is remaining in star power
- stun effect shows above player when in a recovery bubble, or after slipping on a banana
- Buzzy and Big Buzzy enemies have a more symmetrical appearance
- jump pad sprite is very slightly tweaked to differentiate them when beside another jump pad
- game framerate now supports devices with refresh rates higher than 60Hz
- slightly reduce background colour intensity
- slightly tweak Ronnie and Bunny's run animations
- completed artwork for Momo
- slightly rearranged gacha screen to include Momo's dialogue
- text representing speech (i.e. shopkeeper dialogue) has its own font
- new placeholder graphics for tutorial introduction & game clear sequences
- rearranged hat select screen
- removed background & frame info toggles in settings
- fixed title screen gyroscope rotation entering strange viewing angles
- modals can only be dismissed when they animate in fully

VERSION 220224Vaguely-Worded Additions
- golden mushrooms
- spike walls
- wooden logs
General Balance
- spike block health reduced 3 -> 2
- explosive treasure chest spawn rate increased 4 -> 10%
- explosive treasure chests still drop coins
- increased wind width (hitbox only) 60 -> 72
- remove larger laser ring sizes in late levels
- spinning obstacles, like laser beams, will spin faster in higher difficulties
- late level layouts have slightly more spacing between them
Character Changes
- Pickle's jump speed multiplier decreased 120 -> 92%
- Pickle's bubble speed increased 650 -> 690
- Pickle's bubble upward force decreased 0.2 -> 0.1
- Pickle's bubble duration decreased 2 -> 1.6s
- Pickle's ice shard speed reduced 2000 -> 1700
- Ronnie's attack (and extended attack) range decreased very slightly
- Ronnie's upgraded attack can pick up items, like her regular attacks can
- Binoculars attack distance boost decreased for Ronnie
- Bunny's jump speed multiplier increased 100 -> 120%
Upgrade Changes
- Phoenix Candle projectile duration decreased 0.4 -> 0.35s
- Trusty Pickaxe gold block chance decreased 33 -> 25%
- Trusty Pickaxe gold block coin value increased 9 -> 10
- Hasty Hourglass slows enemies even more: 50 -> 40% of original speed
- Money Bag coin bonus decreased (especially for large 100+ coin drops)
- Golden Apple unlock requires 10 -> 12 attack limit
Enemy Changes
- Bubble Ghoul, Guardian, Big Buzzy enemy coin drops reduced 5 -> 4
- Rosey enemy coin drops reduced 4 -> 3
- Buzzy enemy coin drops reduced 2 -> 1
- Buzzy enemy height increased 22 -> 24
- Guardian laser tracking is smoother and no longer affected by Hasty Hourglass
- Thunder Grump attack speed slightly increased 0.7 -> 0.64s
Shop Changes
- Fiona sells Green Tea in place of Coffee after a game clear, which slows down running speed for a level
- Pumpkin price increased 300 -> 325% price of an Apple
- Caramel Latte price decreased 175 -> 150% price of an Apple
- coin requirements to guarantee Chip to appear as the shopkeeper increased
- Matcha Latte has been rethemed to Caramel Latte
- explosive treasure chests are more visibly explosive
- fickle platforms are a slightly darker shade of yellow
- gacha opening animation now rumbles, and changes duration based on the rarity of the prize
- use 1px black outline on pocket clouds, shield, balloon, and shopkeepers
- shopkeepers will face right when you leave / pass the shop
- snapshot appears in the results screen even in the free version of the game
- results screen now has Title / Leaderboard / Character Select / Retry options all together
- game clear UI is broken up into 2 screens
- revamp tutorial layouts and instructions
- character select will always be available, even if only Chiki is unlocked
- revert input code, which should correct missed input events
- fixed newer achievements not unlocking
- fixed a bug where coins and objects could not be picked up
- fixed wind pushing player while in their recovery bubble
- improve floor collision smoothness
- Jump Saw enemies will jump after landing on a banana peel
- fixed laser gates becoming silent when moving off-screen and back on
- fixed some occasions where experience and coins would be double-earned

VERSION 220207Additions
- new hats: Rhythm Kabuto, Mint Ice Cream, Cowboy Hat, Blindfold
- added haptic feedback (thanks Giacomo!)
- lift platforms are visually redesigned, and now only have top colliders (no side walls)
- laser ring obstacles will start growing in size after Level 10
- decreased star collection time 0.5 -> 0.3 seconds
- some obstacles types have been shifted to not make appearances as early as they do
- terrain now visually aligns with its hitbox (ceiling spikes also won't be misaligned 1 pixel)
- some hats that disappear during a double-jump will continue emitting particles
- fix some inputs being ignored (hopefully)
- fix a level layout that could become impassable under certain conditions
- fix game pausing / shop sequences conflicting with each other
- fix HUD elements blocking the tap input for jumping or attacking
- fix HUD elements being stuck in their animations in the tutorial
- fix music playing immediately in tutorial, instead of when the player wakes up
- fix shop allowing item purchase to be tapped during transition animations
- fix game over snapshots sometimes being taken while the screen is blurred
- fix game failing to load if certain save data values were incorrect
- fix upward jumps against spike block walls sometimes getting stuck
- hide duplicate pumpkin items appearing in the stats page
- tweak physics to have fewer strange inconsistencies

VERSION 220201New Gameplay
- level generation is fully reworked to improve layout variety!
- jump pads are reworked to automatically activate on touch. The whole column rises upward, lifting up anything above it
- you can encounter some grumpy fellows starting in Level 11
- you can encounter laser beams that spin in a circle
Upgrade Balance
- Golden Apple attack gain now applies on health gain, not health loss
- Hasty Hourglass speed boost now always applies, not just during star power
- Hasty Hourglass no longer slows the speed of Bubble Ghost projectiles
- using Midas Wand on the Wooden Shield or Pocket Cloud will keep the shield/clouds that you have
- Treasure Tracker upgrade also doubles Ruby encounter chance
- Traveler's Boots now awards stars instantly after using portals or jump pads
- Fightin' Fungi upgrade is renamed Mighty Mushroom. It now also prevents spiky mushrooms from spawning, increases mushroom width 52 -> 60 for easier landing, and has an increased 360 -> 400 blast radius
- Sparkling Sapphire and Star Dust have swapped upgrade effects (made more sense thematically)
- Star Dust star time refunded per coin increased 71.4 -> 83.3ms
- Bubble Blower reduced speed boost 60 -> 45
General Balance
- global gravity increased 700 -> 800 (player jump height adjusted to be roughly the same as before)
- player starting speed increased 140 -> 145
- spike blocks are no longer affected by gravity
- bonus stage contains 1 additional coin segment
- choosing to sleep after clearing the game will now also award +1 attack
- reduced default Ruby encounter frequency 2.0 -> 1.5%
- star time refunded per star increased 0.83 -> 1s
- star time drain doubling time decreased 15-50 -> 10-40s (star time will drain at 100% speed after 10s, ramping up to 200% speed at 40s)
- invincibility time reduced 1 -> 0.85s
- cherry enemy speed increased 120 -> 150
- wasp enemy charge time decreased 1.8s -> 1.3s
- saw enemies will now jump, rather than be knocked rightward, when running into an obstacle
- guardian enemies will start charging their attack from a slightly farther distance 250 -> 260
- bubble ghost enemy bullets (those released on death) no longer collide with terrain
- bubble ghost enemy bullets will not be released if defeated by Toy Rocket Jump or Phoenix Candle projectile (in addition to Mighty Mushroom)
- treasure chests and star crystals have extended top-edge colliders that make them much easier to jump on and bounce off of
- decrease Pumpkin base price decreased 130 -> 120, the price of 3 apples
- price scaling is calculated using distance, instead of level. Prices should be very slightly more expensive early and late game, but cheaper mid-game
- a few minor tweaks to determining which shopkeeper is present
- free apples no longer spawn after the game is cleared (except the ones given by Apple Seeds)
- mushroom bounce speed increased 250 -> 320
- wind push strength increased 120 -> 180
- increased maximum running speed 320 -> 350 (which is 2.5x starting speed)
- lamps can be smashed and will drop 1 coin
- the game's main theme music is here!
- new SFX for consuming foods and gaining health
- new SFX to differentiate picking up rubies vs. coins
- consecutive star collection no longer replaces previous SFX
Game Visuals
- there are 3 types of terrain to see as you travel!
- new shopkeeper artwork for Fiona
- small new visual effect when an object/enemy has been defeated with a stomp
- by popular request... hide hats when certain characters run out of jumps in the air
- spikes no longer have outlines after they've been destroyed by Garden Shears
- reduced the size of tulip plant decorations
- player animation playback speed is only affected by movement speed when on ground
- star power will apply its visual effect on hats (except the Halo)
- lamps now have thick outlines
- grass has a few random fuzzy patches
- updated background sprites and sky colours
- sadly, particle effects that bounced on terrain can no longer do so...
- UI theme has been totally redone!
- stats screen now displays your last 10 games' distances in a bar graph
- stats screen now uses bars for a lot of stats to visually depict proportions
- all stats use pixel icons
- enemies are given proper names in the stats screen (still subject to change)
- game over screen now uses a blurred background effect
- paid players will see a highlight snapshot in the game over screen
- game terminology now uses "Rank" to refer to character level progress, and "Level" to refer to the area between shops
- keep HUD visible during the game clear screen
- reword some upgrade descriptions
- shopkeeper names are now displayed when they talk
- more placeholder dialogue for Gilda
- brief HUD animation when a full health point is gained
System Changes
- new app icon
- new achievements: Debugging, Passing Through, Towering Pillar, Potassium
- new hat: Kitsune Mask
- wiping game data now only deletes game statistics. Unlock progress, leaderboard scores, and purchases are retained
- characters unlock based on farthest distance reached, not number of games played
- reduce hat prices 2.5/5/10/20k -> 1/3/6/10k coins
- increase exp required to rank up 1/3/6/10/15 -> 2/4/8/12/16k exp
- fix clear time not being recorded properly. However, previous record time still won't be displayed correctly, and requires another game clear to be reset properly
- fix the STASH achievement not being correctly awarded
- fix wasp enemies damaging other objects during their windup phase
- apply more consistent movement behaviour to wasps enemies
- fix rose thorns being able to damage while the rose is in its death animation
- improve landing detection, which was previously imperfect. Affects jumps sometimes being counted in the air and weird enemy jumping behaviour
- fix exploit where multi-tap would allow faster attack rate than intended
- fix title screen parallax not handling extreme angles well
- fix some projectiles incorrectly colliding upward with platforms
- fix outdated game text regarding stash upgrades
- some rewording of tutorial instructions
- fix blank purchase buttons when the in-app purchase price can't be loaded (no internet)

VERSION 211228Content
- you'll sometimes see a Ruby instead of a regular coin. They're worth 10 coins!
- all save data should now be synced to iCloud / Google Play Saved Games
Paid Changes
- instead of earning Tickets for distance, you earn the total amount of coins from your run. Hats are now priced using coins (a hat that costs 50 tickets now costs 2500 coins)
- equipping upgrades from your backpack is no longer exclusive to the Full version
- gaining experience to level up and increase upgrade slots is now only possible in the Full version
- waiting screens are shorter and less common
Shopkeeper Changes
- Fiona's Matcha Latte now provides +1 attack limit and has a base price of 70
- Chip now sells Star Cider, which adds +5 stars and has a constant price of 30
- Chip's Baby Boo is removed
- Chip's Pumpkin now functions like the Baby Boo used to, with a base price of 130
- conditions for when Chip & Fiona appear have been changed
- Gilda's Toonie Wand has been removed
- Gilda now sells a Ruby Staff, that boosts ruby spawn rate in the next level by 10x
Momo's Gacha Changes
- capsules now have a base price of 20 (previously 30), but the price inflates like most other items
- Travel Stamp distance value increased 50 -> 100m
- Toonie drop rate reduced 20% -> 6%
- Ruby prize added: +10 coins with a 12% drop rate
- Gold Nugget drop rate reduced 6% -> 3%
- Gold Nugget coin value increased 50 -> 100
- Milk Chocobar drop rate increased 6 -> 10%
- Star Cider drop rate increased 9 -> 10%
General Balance Changes
- Pickle's ice shards have decreased lifespan 0.3 -> 0.24s
- Pickle's ice shards do increased damaged 2 -> 5 (one hit KO on anything)
- Loot Box item now provides 4 upgrade options (5 with Reusable Bag)
- Piggy Bank has a 5% chance to drop a ruby instead of a coin
- Piggy Bank unlock condition is now: earn 10 rubies from the piggy bank in one game
- activating star power now refunds mid-air jumps
- condition to enter "hard mode" has been changed: complete Stage 1 with 0 coins
- slight tweaks to level layouts to improve reaction time
- the shop leave button now features an arrow icon
- more objects have been given thick outlines
- hard mode is...chillier
- the results screen is significantly rearranged
- the title screen's background is now affected by the device's gyroscope
- upgrade & hat completion is now listed in the stats page
- upgrade information is shown in the stash regardless if the upgrade has been unlocked or not
- back button has been relocated to the top-left of screens
- some purchase page contents are changed
- wardrobe now displays hats in a scrollable list with names
- purchasing a hat now also immediately equips it
- changing hats causes a little poof
- fix Piggy Bank jump exploit that unintentionally counted extra jumps
- fix HUD animations interrupting when the game is paused
- fix the house at the end of Level 10 not having a garden where a pumpkin could spawn
- fix bug where portals could drop more than 1 star with Traveler's Boots
- balloon string is changed to fix some physics bugs and be more stable at high speeds

VERSION 211211General
- some save data is now shared across devices (iOS uses iCloud, Android uses Google Play Saved Games). This mostly includes unlock & progress-related save data, not scores
- equipping stash upgrades and receiving tickets are now both entirely disabled in the free version
- increase star time added per coin with Star Dust 62.5 -> 71.4ms
- bananas spawn half as frequently
- added a secret condition to trigger harder difficulty
- attack hovering now works when attacking while walking off of a ledge
- close-to-ground air jumps now snap to the ground and are treated as ground jumps
- new title screen art!
- level progress animates much faster
- gacha capsule opening animation is much faster after opening your first capsule
- jelly enemies float side to side just a little bit
- coin splashes are a bit more powerful
- tiny camera shakes when breaking treasure chests or star crystals
- settings black overlay is a little bit more transparent
- the results screen has been reverted to use buttons with text labels
- fix using Midas Wand on Star Dust not updating the UI
- fix golden treasure chest and cherry enemies appearing without golden effects
- fix clear screen buttons appearing at edge of screen before animating in
- fix rare gacha item having text display cutoff
- prevent a hat from being selected while it is already selected
- fix application switching interrupting the game's opening animation
- fix jump-toggle platforms sometimes being slightly misaligned

VERSION 211206New Content
- Headgear is available in the character select! Fashion tickets are acquired by running (1 ticket per 100m) and clearing the game (10 tickets). Full game offers a 4x earning rate
- the game's previous character ticketing system for free players has been removed
- free players will occasionally be put in a 20-second waiting screen to promote full game purchase
- Gacha Capsules are now sold in Momo's shop, containing randomized and all-new items
- Bananas spawn with a low chance, causing players to slip and fall when touched
- Pickle's upgraded attack now let his bubbles freeze into ice shards when releasing attack. Ice shards advance swiftly to deal 2 damage each
- Bunny's upgraded attack now adds a blast wave to the end of each dash, dealing 5 damage. The old upgrade effect has been removed
- Achievements are now listed on iOS and Android with more to come
Player Changes
- Chiki's bullet attacks and the Phoenix Candle flames reach their target destination faster than before
- Pickle's bubbles travel with reduced speed 700 -> 650 and less vertical ascension
- Bunny's attack recharge multiplier reduced 125% -> 115% (of Chiki's)
- Bunny's dash attack no longer scales with player speed
- Bunny's dash attack preserves some velocity at the end, rather than coming to a full stop
- Bunny's dash attack rise angle is slightly reduced
- star power time refunded per star decreased 1 -> 0.83 seconds
- star power time refunded per coin decreased 66 -> 62.5 ms
- star power doubling drain rate now ramps up between seconds 15-50 (previously 10-70)
- maximum player speed slightly increased 300 -> 320
- invincibility time is slightly extended while the player has not yet touched the ground
Upgrade Changes
- Yellow Balloon can be used for a maximum of 3 seconds in midair until it requires a recharge, by landing on the ground
- Fastball previously reduced attack recharge time by 40% overall. Now it reduces the initial delay by 25%, and individual energy regeneration time by 40%
- Hasty Hourglass speed bonus increased 30 -> 40 and only applies when star power is active
- Party Popper confetti chance reduced 75 -> 60%
- Reusable Bag shop discount reduced 17.5 -> 15%
- Trusty Pickaxe gold block chance reduced from 40% -> 1/3 chance
- Trusty Pickaxe gold block coin yield reduced 10 -> 9 coins
- Treasure Tracker slightly increases the spawn rate for golden treasure chests
- Major Scale upgrade is renamed "Star Dust" and given a new icon
- Guardian Bubble upgrade is renamed "Bubble Blower" and given a new icon
- Rocket Jump upgrade is renamed "Toy Rocket" and given a new icon
Level Changes
- spiky mushrooms don't appear until after the game is cleared
- trap treasure chests will not appear in stage 1 and the bonus stage
- golden treasure chest appearance rate is slightly increased when skipping treasure chests
- the apple tree always produces 1 Apple in the bonus stage (2 with Apple Seeds)
- reposition the pumpkin patch to the left of the apple tree so it is more noticeable
- Momo's shop has new rules that determine when it appears
- laser width is slightly thickened, mainly to prevent Bunny from dashing through unharmed
- added more exit space to level layouts involving horizontally spaced portals
- title, character select, pause, results menus and modals have been redesigned to remove most motion
- results screen displays game duration if the timer is enabled in the settings
- shopkeeper entry & exit dialogue can be skipped by tapping anywhere
- HUD has a new effect for low health
- level progress now correctly animates after a run has ended
- consecutive full-screen announcements are now much faster to dismiss
- backpack screen will always display the upgrade unlock condition
- removed motion from any texts that would float up and down
- screen vignettes (e.g. screen turning red after getting hurt) don't stay frozen when game is paused
- fix solid collisions with Bunny's dash attack into Jelly and Rose enemies
- fix toggles animating when Settings are first opened
- fix tutorial progress affecting time of day
- fix Nimble Feather not providing a second air jump at the very start of the game
- fix Fightin' Fungi upgrade checking for the incorrect number of enemy kills to unlock
- fix direct Rocket Jump hits not counting towards upgrade unlock (also increased requirement 20 -> 30)
- fix strange landing behaviour when running on land with a balloon

VERSION 211117General Gameplay
- new shopkeepers and shop items are added! The item presented depends on the shopkeeper and certain secret conditions, which are all fully determinate
- reduced item price inflation (most noticeable past level ~10)
- item price calculation no longer rounds to nearest 5
- Level 10 game clear offers the choice to visit a bonus level (and stay in night time)
- Apple trees have a 0 -> 25% chance of spawning an apple at 3 health
- Apple trees have a 100 -> 75% chance of spawning an apple at 2 health
- increased the pickup size for apples so they're harder to miss
- moved star crystals back so they're easier to destroy
- decreased star crystal HP 4 -> 3
- increased sign post HP 1 -> 2
- star crystals drop fewer stars when star power is active: 5 -> 3
- star power continues to drain faster past 40 seconds (drains twice as fast at 70 seconds)
- Guardian Bubble speed up decreased 90 -> 60
- Reusable Bag price discount decreased 20% -> 17.5%
- spike block gravity acceleration increased
- level generation method overhauled to reduce the amount of unnecessary platforms
- many level layout changes
Player Balance
- Bunny's dash duration increased 0.2 -> 0.3 seconds, while roughly preserving travel distance
- increased Ronnie's attack speed multiplier 1 -> 1.1
- decreased Pickle's attack speed multiplier 1.6 -> 1.4
- player total speed caps at about 228% of base speed
- decreased player invulnerability time 1.25 -> 1.1 seconds
- after injury, player speed is slowed slightly and ramps up to expected speed over 3 seconds
- jumping up into terrain, block, or some enemies will push the player back down
Upgrade Unlock Conditions
- Apple Seeds upgrade requires 10 -> 15 tree apples to unlock
- Binoculars upgrade requires 150 -> 200 enemies defeated to unlock
- Guardian Bubble upgrade requires 15 activations to unlock (not 20 enemy defeats)
- Money Bag upgrade requires 1000 -> 1500 coins to unlock
- Phoenix Candle upgrade requires 30 -> 25 flame kills to unlock
- Reusable Bag upgrade requires 15 -> 20 discount purchases to unlock
- Treasure Tracker upgrade requires 12 -> 15 chest opens to unlock
- player vitals HUD has been redesigned
- upgrade selection is now combined with shopkeeper interaction, with a different appearance
- character select now uses a backpack icon to display pre-equipped upgrades
- floating terrain blocks feature cave background visuals beneath them
- portals have a swirly animation
- lasers have a slightly tweaked appearance that helps with performance
- starting area and shops have an updated appearance
- spike blocks have a modified appearance when partially damaged
- some icons have cleaner edges
- new appearance for off-screen indicator
- the game renders at a reduced size to boost performance
- new SFX for coin pickup and spending
- decrease total sound instances present at one time to improve memory use
- shopkeepers have new response events (dialogue is new but still placeholder!)
- added debug leaderboard to track players' game version number
- tutorial can be paused
- game version number moved to Extras page
- Extras page includes game purchase buttons
- removed Swap Characters button when no bonus characters are unlocked
- frame rate info can now be toggled in Settings
- stats page now tracks the number of times each item has been purchased
- in the free game version, ticket recharge time increased 6 -> 20 hours
- fixed some spikes being initialized that could be destroyed without Garden Shears
- fixed shopkeeper changes based on outdated conditions
- fixed Guardian enemy lasers not producing explosions at their target point
- fixed wasps ignoring portals
- fixed level layout having a laser hazard that appeared completely off-screen
- fixed some landings not refunding double jump
- fixed background stars lingering when night transitions to day after sleeping
- fixed HUD timer showing after tutorial and not working
- fixed game interrupting some animations (game over) by switching apps
- fixed bubble attacks not popping when moving up into terrain

VERSION 211020Content
- Star Crystals randomly appear in the game and can be broken for +5 stars
- Apple item is reworked: collect 4 to gain 1 health
- Apple item price is roughly quartered
- the apple tree will spawn an Apple whenever you approach the shop with 2 or fewer health
- clearing the game (passing Level 10) will reward +1 health
- Apple Seeds new effect: an additional apple is spawned on each apple tree
- Reusable Bag rework: in addition to shop discounts, adds +1 future upgrade option
- new Reusable Bag unlock condition: make 15 discount purchases in one game
- Bunny's upgraded attack refills energy when defeating enemies
- Bunny's attack recharge multiplier decreased 1.5 -> 1.2
- Pickle's attack recharge multiplier decreased 2.0 -> 1.6
- adjust price inflation rate for all items
- all characters' attack hover time is slightly adjusted to match their attack duration
- Guardian enemies are knocked back slightly when hit
- slightly tweak invisible wall for Level 10 hut
- tweaks to level distribution and difficulty
- golden treasure chest encounter rate decreased
- title screen menu rearrangement with credits page
- modified particle effect on Bunny's dash attack
- modified shopkeeper poses for Chip
- removed lifetime coin count in results screen for now
- tweaked SFX for Chiki's regular attack, Pickle's upgraded attack, mushroom blasts
- new SFX for fickle plate toggling on/off
- new SFX indicating when balloon hover is in use
- new SFX for rocket jump fire/explosion
- fixed enemies not playing sounds when appearing on screen
- fixed Piggy Bank coin drops being affected by Money Bag upgrade
- fixed wiping game data causing all game events to duplicate
- fixed game unable to progress after clear screen
- fixed settings toggles playing tick sound when appearing
- fixed rounding errors on character sprites
- fixed Guardian lasers not correctly interacting with some objects
- fixed portals appearing incorrectly, like a flat colour

VERSION 211013Upgrades
- Rocket Jump upgrade: mid-air jump releases a downward rocket blast
- Piggy Bank upgrade: shake 1 coin out every time you jump
- Binoculars upgrade: you can see and attack farther
- Hasty Hourglass effect change: run faster and slow down enemies
- Reusable Bag discount reduced 25% -> 20%
- Golden Apple provides +1 attack limit when health is lost, not gained
- Money Bags upgrade has a slightly different calculation for bonus coin value
- Phoenix Candle requires more fire kills to unlock: 20 -> 30
- Lucky Magnet unlock requires 500 coins to be picked up with the magnet
- Star Dust is renamed "Major Scale"
- Bubble Wand is renamed "Guardian Bubble"
- new shopkeeper renders!
- items prices now increase based on progression, not purchase count
- items are significantly repriced to accommodate this change
- Star Cider star count decreased 5 -> 4
- star power drain multiplier reaches 1.5x after 40 sec, rather than 2x at 50
- star power speed boost increased 80 -> 90
- star pickup time decreased 0.6s -> 0.45s
- seal off Level 10 house roof with an invisible wall to prevent accidental skips
- added spike immunity while traveling upward
- slow down the spiky mushroom spawn rate
- Rose enemy hitbox reduced width 40 -> 28 (head bounce hitbox is still 40)
- friendly explosions share the same radius as harmful explosions (44 -> 40)
- tutorial now contains Jelly enemies
- rebalance / reorder some level layouts
- tweak attack hovers very slightly to provide uniform hovering
- you are warned once before wiping all of your game data
- devices with aspect ratios above 21:9 or below 16:9 will be letterboxed to fit
- most menu screens have been rearranged
- tweak menu animations
- settings menu is in a modal
- results screen no longer displays game time
- stars collected is replaced by star power time, for stats + results + leaderboards
- play buttons with ticket tags now display remaining ticket count
- reduce the background scrolling speed
- camera centers on player after game over
- fixed tutorial completion not being correctly recorded
- fixed shop item price text not using the correct styling when unavailable
- fixed results displaying wrong number of max upgrades after a level up
- fixed text that read LV. 6 instead of LV. MAX in the level up screen
- fixed some objects landing on ground but not detecting it
- tutorial correctly forces the same shopkeeper / upgrade options
- pause menu correctly uses ticketing on the retry button
- fixed Fickle platforms being affected by lighting, when they shouldn't be

VERSION 211001Content
- Fickle platform obstacles, which toggle on and off by jumping
- disabled haptic feedback for now, since it caused compatibility problems
- increase the unlock requirement difficulties for the following upgrades: AA Batteries, Nimble Feather, Trusty Pickaxe, Pocket Cloud, Garden Shears
- increase invulnerability duration 1 -> 1.25 seconds
- Hasty Hourglass no longer slows the speed of orbiting coins or lasers
- Yellow Balloon fall speed decreased 42 -> 35
- decrease amount of experience needed to level up by 1000 per level
- Pickle has a slightly higher maximum jump (Pickle is Froggy's new name!)
- added more variants in some level layouts
- rebalanced appearance of some level layouts
- slightly tweak the timing for Guardian enemy laser firing
- game HUD hides during game start and pause menu
- disable framerate data in HUD
- title screen version number indicated if game is purchased
- tweak the appearance of ticketed Play buttons
- signs are easier to read in nighttime
- fixed a bug that caused levels to stop generating past level 10
- fixed player attacks interrupting full-height jump inputs
- fixed ground collision glitch for good (I hope...)
- fixed wiping game data not stopping menu music
- fixed having a character or upgrade selected that is not unlocked
- fixed game timer setting defaulting to true
- game purchase is now remembered, regardless of internet connection
- fixed some screen issues on phones with unsafe screen areas
- fixed mushrooms being hittable targets

VERSION 210928Content
- characters now have levels, which are progressed by cumulative travel distance
- character levels determine how many upgrades they can carry (5-10)
- non-Chiki characters now require tickets to play in the free game version
- every 6 hours, the ticket count resets to 3
- game upgrade can now be purchased! This should not charge you in the beta
- wasp enemies only travel straight, and can break through obstacles/other enemies
- treasure chests are reworked to only drop coins
- the end of stage 10 no longer contains an item shop
- add more random variance to some level layouts
- totally overhauled menu appearance throughout the game
- characters now display their attack limit and difficulty in the character select menu
- stage numbers are now displayed on the wooden signs
- simplified use of camera zoom
- fixed player flashing from invincibility when in star power
- fixed level layout having double wind
- fixed explosive treasure chest being safe to jump off of
- fixed Guardian enemy lasers unable to shoot up through platforms
- fixed double jumps not being refunded for specific events
- fixed deselecting a loadout upgrade
- fixed some objects not using the correct hit visual effects

VERSION 210909Content
- Bubble Wand upgrade: getting damaged triggers a speed-boosted bubble barrier
- Apple Seeds upgrade: instant +1 health and increases upgrade option count
- Binoculars is renamed "Hasty Hourglass" and also slows down enemy movement
- wind columns that push everything upward
- spiky purple mushrooms that hurt to touch
- Lifesaver upgrade removed
- Reusable Bag no longer increases upgrade option count
- Reusable Bag shop discount increased 20% -> 25%
- Party Popper: 80% of explosives are safe, rather than being health-dependent
- Party Popper: safe explosives are visibly different, and exclude Guardian enemies
- Focus Ring unlock condition changed: run 4000m in one game
- Star Cider price increased 50 -> 60
- Shield Repair price increased 75 -> 100
- Apple base price increased 75 -> 80
- Guardian enemy health increased 1 -> 2 (still instantly defeated by contact)
- star power duration increased 9 -> 10 seconds
- star power time added per star increased 0.8 -> 1.0 seconds
- star power drain rate increased from 1x to 2x between 10-50 seconds
- star power bonus speed decreased 100 -> 80
- claw attack speed reduced 640 -> 550
- treasure chests no longer drop apples (replaced with 100-coin golden chests)
- adjust the way player accelerates to full speed after stopping
- new/modified level layouts and ordering
- new (temporary) game title logo!
- new menu button look
- portals have a new appearance
- modified appearance of framerate data
- modified wooden platform sprites slightly
- player uses a character icon for off-screen indication
- blur + zoom effect used for game start and pause screen
- blur effect darkens the screen a bit more
- effects and music volumes can be adjusted on a 0-10 slider
- inputting a jump immediately after a bounce will not count as a double-jump
- fixed undesirable wasp enemy movement behaviour
- fixed unlock screens displaying entirely black
- fixed background disable setting not working
- improved method to calculate framerate
- fixed UI rounded rectangles having sharp aliases
- optimize game rendering when paused or in the shop

VERSION 210816Visual
- shop screen uses a blur effect instead of a black screen
- shop screen layout is flipped horizontally
- framerate data in the top-right corner (temporary)
- many rendering and performance optimizations

VERSION 210805Content
- day/night cycle (it's pretty cool)
- Pocket Clouds are acquired by completing levels, no longer by gaining health
- Pocket Clouds are now used when falling during star power, to preserve star power
- Pocket Cloud triggers invincibility
- reduce Pocket Cloud unlock condition 3 -> 4
- reduced Trusty Pickaxe coin block rate 100% -> 50%
- increased Trusty Pickaxe blocks coin drop count 4 -> 10
- changed upgrade unlock conditions for Binoculars and Luminous Ring
- treasure chests sometimes spawn on platforms
- slight level layout adjustments
- adjusted Cherry and Wasp enemy hitboxes to be easier to hit
- widen mushroom size
- increase Ronnie's upgraded attack speed (overall distance roughly the same)
- new post-processing lighting and rendering effects
- results screen displays clear time if game was cleared during the run
- the game clear screen is now dismissed by tap rather than timeout
- timers displaying time beyond 1 hour are formatted using 0h 0m 0s
- fix Golden Cherry coin drop being only 3
- adjust hut collisions to ensure player is detected
- fix corrupted save data unable to repair itself
- fix game time running while application is backgrounded
- fix reported time sometimes being inconsistent due to decimal rounding
- fix jittery background movement
- fix Guardian enemies sometimes glitching appearance after attacking

VERSION 210802Content
- new wasp enemies
- new laser ring hazards
- the game can be "cleared" by passing the hut at the end of level 10
- new leaderboard for fastest game clear time
- records page is completely redesigned to feature new stats
- link to join Discord
- added a setting for disabling haptic feedback
- explosive barrels are now block-shaped and are no longer affected by gravity
- spike blocks are now affected by gravity
- reduced Ronnie's base attack count 4 -> 3
- reduced Ronnie's upgraded attack travel speed 1100 -> 950
- Ronnie's upgraded attack no longer picks up coins
- increased unlock condition for party popper upgrade requiring 20 -> 30 confetti
- increased radius for friendly explosions 40 -> 44
- reduced Bunny's dash time 0.25 -> 0.2 seconds
- Bunny's overall dash distance is more consistent
- many level layout changes
- restrict some upward movements when player is above the top of the screen
- increase jump pad jump speed 380 -> 400
- shop sequence does not pause the game timer
- portals retain some downward movement speed after exiting, rather than resetting to 0
- new shopkeeper temp artwork!
- explosive treasure chests now indicate their danger by flashing
- jump pads light up when stepped on
- smooth some jittery objects caused by camera tracking
- adjust confetti appearance
- adjust laser cap appearance
- slightly adjust block outlines to snap to grid
- Fiona sells coffee
- "above average" scores are pointed out in the results screen
- new SFX for player attacks
- player attack SFX adapts when attacking successively
- new SFX when selecting characters on the character select
- new SFX for mushroom blasts, confetti, recovery bubble, star pickup
- SFX cues for landing on ground
- correct audio events for attacking spike blocks
- fix player attack audio stacking for triple shot
- fix menu music restarting when navigating menus
- fixed Sparkling Sapphire upgrade not unlocking correctly
- fixed jump saw enemies possessing strange physics properties
- fixed Froggy always being selected by default
- fixed multiple coins not adding the correct star power time with the upgrade
- cloud activation is tweaked to be more desirable
- speed is maintained when running through explosive barrels or treasure chests
- fixed title screen displaying background incorrectly for some devices
- fixed tutorial recovery bubble allowing player to attack before attacking is allowed
- fixed mushroom upgrade blast radius differing depending on screen size
- failed tutorial jumps spawn the player back to retry the jump
- fix shopkeeper dialogue not properly randomizing
- fixed tutorial ending on the incorrect level

VERSION 210706Balance
- speed gain per level increased 4 -> 5
- reduced Chiki's attack size 14 -> 12
- 3rd+ unopened treasure chests will either contain an apple or explosion (50/50 chance)
- jelly and rose enemies are now slightly wider, for easier jumping
- the top collision surface of the shop canopy is now flat
- new shopkeeper placeholder designs (fixed pose for now)
- new shopkeeper layout with speech bubble and name
- rearrange and resize elements in the game HUD
- rearranged title & records screens
- Chiki is catching some Z's at the beginning of the tutorial
- fixed some inactive objects lingering in the game world
- fixed the title screen briefly flashing when entering the tutorial on boot
- fixed some attack collisions

VERSION 210702Content
- new upgrades: Party Popper, Traveller's Boots, Lifesaver
- removed upgrades: Blossom Charm, Supply Barrels, Running Shoes
- added a prototype tutorial sequence
- falling off the screen now puts you into a recovery bubble
- Ronnie's attack upgrade now adds a long-ranged pierce to her first attack
- shopkeepers sell their own specialty item
- added Star Cider item: 50 coins for +5 stars
- lamp & signpost objects
- speed gain per level increased 3 -> 4
- increase star power duration 8 -> 9 seconds
- increase apple base price 50 -> 75
- increase shield repair price 50 -> 75
- explosions are slightly bigger but more brief
- big adjustments to level layout & generation
- 4th unopened treasure chest contains an explosion
- adjust upgrade unlock conditions
- dirt block coin value with upgrade decreased 5 -> 3
- bubble ghost enemy coin value increased 1 -> 5
- bubble ghost enemies remain stationary
- bubble ghost bullets can hit and damage other objects
- rose enemy HP increased 2 -> 3
- jelly enemies rise to their designated location
- slightly reduce gravity on saw enemy
- a lot of UI is swapped out with high-res assets
- character screen features fully illustrated portraits and checkered background
- updated Froggy's character and attack sprites
- updated Bunny's dash visuals
- updated stars visuals
- treasure chest sparkles represent their contents
- coins received from enemies/objects animate differently
- HUD indicates more clearly when attempting to attack with 0 energy
- 1px black outline on the character
- game boot loading screen
- pause screen game tip refreshes when tapped
- cloud savers now have varied faces
- changed grass colour
- jumping saw enemies look at you
- slightly tweak camera work at the start of the game
- results screen displays character used
- results screen displays game timer if timer is enabled in settings
- updated UI button and toggle tap sounds
- updated Froggy's upgraded bubble sound
- updates star collection sounds and match their pitch with game music
- adjusted movement consistency of Bunny's dash attack
- Star Dust correctly activates if picked while holding 8 or 9 stars
- mushrooms correctly animate when a non-player object bounces on it
- explosive barrels correctly bounce on mushrooms

VERSION 210604.2Content
- a treasure chest now spawns every level! Do they just contain coins?
- if you're lucky, you might encounter a shiny enemy
- starting health increased 1 -> 3
- apple starting price increased 25 -> 50
- tweaked some level layouts to appear earlier
- tweak bubble ghost enemy movement behaviour
- mushroom upgrade does not trigger bubble ghosts to explode
- more lenient invincibility after star power ends
- losing your shield does not reset star progress
- easier upgrade unlock conditions
- blossom upgrade only spawns apples when 2+ health is lost in a level
- HUD displays each health point individually
- HUD level indicator is de-emphasized
- HUD distance indicates when distance is a new best
- HUD points to player when above/off-screen
- fixed Ronnie's attack size being smaller than intended
- fixed level layout that led to an instant death loops
- minor performance improvements
- minor app size decrease

VERSION 210601.2Content
- added bubble ghost enemies
- added stationary "spike block" hazards
- removed the Megaphone upgrade
- removed the Treasure Tracker upgrade
- base speed increased 120 -> 140
- speed gained per level decreased significantly 10 -> 3
- speed gained during star power increased significantly
- star power duration decreased 12 -> 8 seconds
- apple base cost decreased significantly 100 -> 25
- apple cost inflation is now quadratic
- decrease level 1 length
- increase level length added per level, and removed upper limit
- major changes to level generation algorithm
- increased HP for cherry enemy from 1->2, with hits causing knockback
- small saws will jump off edges they're about to fall off of
- big saws no longer spawn from the bottom of the screen, just bounce in place
- widened most enemy hitboxes so landing is easier
- the balloon provides a slight, constant upward force
- more lenient corner collision detection
- maintain speed while dashing through enemies using star power
- player teleports through portals instantly